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Our company has the highest rate of customer satisfaction on the competitive market. Not only will we lay out exactly what the job requires, but friendly staff will professionally get you the service you need. Call in to get started today.

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Should you be in need of flooring services there’s really no other company as affordable and professional as us. We are dedicated to bringing the best service available at the most competitive pricing possible.

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All it takes is a simple call, and you can be speaking to a professional in the field is no time. For hardwood, tile, laminate, or cement flooring, we can have a team of pros on your doorstep and ready to work. Free onsite quotes.

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One Touch - For Excellent Caliber Floor Services in Your Area

Whenever you need hardwood refinishing, installation, or just a good buffering in your area, look to our services for your home. Not only can we get out to you in record time, but the level of experience and professionalism is comparable to any other competing company. Your older wooden floors will look brand new and your brand new floors will look simply stunning. Should your hardwood floors be in a high traffic area and see lots of use, our pro service is exactly what you need to put that shine back into the floor.

One Touch flooring in your area is the one number you need for perfect floors that shine like new. If you’re on the market for a buff, wax, or polish, you can call in and get a life-preserving guarantee to help your floors in the long run. Not only will they look better but they’ll last longer as well. There’s really no downside to this affordable service. So call now to get started and talk to a live professional. Once they arrive to your home they’ll be able to give you a quote absolutely free.

Customer Testimonials

No matter how many times I walk over it, I can still barely believe that the hardwood in my home is my own! Such professionalism and craftsmanship went into the work and you can really tell. Quite a remarkable job from remarkable people.

Stan O.

We wanted a total revamp of the living room right down to the floorboards. Once the work was completed, we had to hand it to the professionals at One Touch. They really outdid themselves with a brand new hardwood installation. Looks great.

Linda K.

My concrete flooring was certainly in need of a pick-me-up. I never dreamed that it could turn out so well! The team who showed up knew exactly what to do and how to get it done. The epoxy coating they left looks and feels fantastic!

Sarah L.

High quality work at a speedy pace? What’s not to love? My hardwood floors look brand new and my guests certainly noticed. I won’t call any other company, the One Touch guys are right for me.

Paul T.

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